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Everybody has their own agenda

After sitting in on a meeting with some suppliers of marketing related products to one of my clients today, I was abruptly reminded of just how easy it is for good sales people to pursuade small businesses to use one product over another.

Say for instance, you see an advertising guy who is very polished, and is able to communicate to you very effectively how your business will work better through advertising in their medium. Then you see a PR person who communicates that PR is the only way to go. Then you see a signage person and they say the same. Who do you believe? Who do you go with? You only have a limited budget and what their proposals have outlined would clearly take up all the budget you have.

This is a common problem for small business and there is no easy answer other than the fact that you need to communicate with your customers on a variety of levels.

So, don’t buy a sales spiel. Work out what best suits your small business and chances are, it will be a combination.

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