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Dream jobs do exist, you just need to know how to find one

I sat at my desk yesterday and I felt relieved. Something had been lifted. In Australia, we have end of financial year that keeps people like myself busy over the months of July and August, and then by the time September comes around, I always feel like I am playing catch up. Fortunately, I don't need to do this for another few months again when the US end of financial year occurs.

Business is going great. We have an phenomenal team, one of the best we have had possibly over the entire history of the business. What makes this team so great is that they are 'team workers', people that share ideas, collaborate and try to get the best out of each other. Rather than working and taking full responsibility for a client, they take it as a team effort to ensure our clients happiness.

Bringing on new staff and the entire recruitment process is long-winded and at times frustrating. We cannot afford to hire someone who is not a good fit for our company because that is a mistake we have made too many times in the past and it just ends in disaster.

It's neither their fault or ours, but if you hire a bad fit for your business, then you are literally throwing away money. They won't last long and they will leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

Putting all of this aside, and knowing that we are fast-growth business that needs to attract the best talent in the market is paramount to our success. We realize that not everyone wants to work for someone else, and as such have set up a licensing model for marketing managers that have worked in corporate for five or more years, and are willing to be trained on the Marketing Eye model.

This has proven to be a great choice, although I have held off on pressing the "GO" button simply because it is another area of the business that we will need to manage.

Yesterday, finally, I said yes. The "GO" button has been pressed and most probably we will have our first US-based Marketing Eye Licence in Texas. I feel relieved as this was always in our model, but I held off, too afraid to add another area to my list of responsibilities. 

The on-boarding of licensees is going to be the true sign of what is to come. We believe wholeheartedly in the on-boarding experience, ensuring that our new licensees are as excited about Marketing Eye as we are.

What Marketing Eye offers that is unique:
  • A complete outsourced marketing department, all inclusive in one subscription based fee (no additional costs for clients)
  • Proprietary technology that is a game-changer for our clients businesses (new tech is being released in 6 weeks)
  • A media platform that is unsurpassed in the industry with a custom printed magazine, and a social media presence that is the envy of many
  • Systems, processes and procedures that ensure our clients have the optimum client/marketing manager experience.
Our clients benefit from the way we work and we learn from their business experiences. It's a great relationship and one that really is a two-way street. 

Marketing Managers that buy Marketing Eye licences benefit from:
  • Never working alone
  • Collaborative approach
  • The best backend in the business
  • Continual education through ongoing seminars and training programs
  • Marketing Eye's social media platform
  • Marketing Eye's magazine 
  • Thought leadership and technology innovation
  • Being able to provide clients with something that no-one else can (coming soon - 6 weeks! Watch this space).
We allow licensees to work from our offices from time to time if we have one in their area. This ensures that they can dip their toes into the office feel when they feel like collaborating face to face.

And... the remuneration is phenomenal.

For the part-timers: 
  • 3 clients at $24,000 per annum totals $72,000 per annum
  • 5 clients at $24,000 per annum totals $120,000 per annum

For the full-timers:
  • 10 clients at $24,000 per annum totals $240,000 per annum
  • 15 clients at $24,000 per annum totals $360,000 per annum
A skilled marketing manager is able to manage 15 clients in total as a full time role, taking into account that some areas of client marketing will include using Marketing Eye's backend of graphic designers, branding, journalists, public relations, web, digital and search engine optimization experts. 

If I didn't own Marketing Eye, I would want to own a licence for the brand.

The question is: how do you get clients?

Marketing Eye assists by:
  • Giving you a database for your region of 1000 contacts for you to market to with our marketing material
  • We teach you how to leverage social media and in particular LinkedIn
  • We give you the marketing material including our magazine, books, brochures and presentations so that you are able to use our brand to secure clients
  • We teach you how to do the 'consultative sell' utilizing Marketing Eye vast international experience
  • And most importantly, we support you in any way we can.
For more information on becoming a Marketing Eye licensee, please contact 404 626 8070. Remember, your success is our success.

P.S. If you go on holidays, the benefit of Marketing Eye is that you can hand your work over to one of our employees while you are away, and know it will be done - while still making money!

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