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Creating a Lead Magnet

We’ve all heard the expression “money is in the list,” and it’s true. So, to build the list what is your best tool? I’m a fan of the lead magnet. A lead magnet is defined as an irresistible and ethical bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. Creating a good lead magnet is different than just creating something. It has to be relevant to what you eventually want to sell, and it has to be of value to your audience.

Your lead magnets don’t have to lengthy, complex or even take countless hours to create. You simply need to solve a specific problem for your target audience. Peep Laja, founder of ConversionXL makes the point “If what you offer is something people want and it seems to be worth going through the hassle (typing the email address, worrying about spam etc), you will get their email.”


Remember you are building a Magnet, it has to be magnetic. People have to want to take action to receive your valuable creation. Creating a lead magnet that is relevant to what you eventually want them to buy helps you to qualify the people who subscribe to your email list as being interested in your product or service. If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t have opted-in to receive your lead magnet.


When you give someone something for free that actually helps them, it builds trust. You are building a relationship with your customer, you want them to eventually have a positive purchasing experience. Your magnet should be something that gives your specific target audience value, not just “a free car,” everyone wants a free car. If you want someone to sign up for your online course, think about the result that your online course helps someone achieve, then structure your lead magnet around achieving that result.

Most people will not buy the first time they visit a website. That’s ok, everyone has that problem, people like to browse, research, or aren’t sure what they need. The idea is to get them to take a few steps in the relationship direction. It’s like buying someone a drink before asking them to move in with you.

What do you use as a lead magnet? Please feel free to comment your success rate.

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