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Best marketing recruitment advertisements tell a story

Being bold is one thing, but being brave enough to tell it how it is is another.

We have unashamedly put out a marketing campaign to recruit top-notch marketers from a variety of industries and fields in Atlanta to fulfil a number of positions that we have available.

In doing so, we have needed to accurately tell the story...

Marketing Eye Atlanta is an extension of Marketing Eye Australia, our US subsidiary if you will.

It has been for a long time our flagship office that has more freedom than the rest and relies solely on the talents of the people who work there and the brand.

Systems, processes and new ways of doing things

We have created systems, processes and ways in which we communicate with our clients to ensure that they have the ultimate marketing agency experience. We know that too many clients have been burnt by marketing firms that promise the world and give an atlas. For us, this type of unskilled practitioner that usually has only ever done sales, is so dangerous to our industry and our biggest competitor. For companies that market well, there is enough work for all of us. There really is no place for cowboy behavior in an industry that has so much to offer.

Working with Marketing Eye Atlanta is such a unique experience for our clients. They are able to receive the services of a complete outsourced marketing department, with skills in marketing, public relations, branding, web, digital, social media, SEO - all from one agency, with full-time staff and all under one roof. This is not the norm for agencies in the region who mostly outsource or use freelancers and part-time employees.

Technology powers performance

For our employees it means that they get to take their careers to the next level. Working closely with our client base and other marketers and creatives, gives them the ability to create amazing marketing campaigns for our clients. It also gives them the ability to capitalize on Robotic Marketer's technology to build out marketing strategies aligned to business goals.

The culture is phenomenal. Everyone has each other's back. They lunch together on Friday's with the rest of Atlanta Technology Village and get to snack throughout the day at the many kitchens in the complex. At lunch, they can go to the gym or play computer games. 

Standup meetings rock 

Standup meetings are pretty normal, as is working from various rooms within the complex. In summer, the rooftop is a huge hit and when the entire village gets together to celebrate, it really is a hoot.

What is hard about working with Marketing Eye is the skill-base of your counterparts. People always feel inadequate when they first start, but don't be dismayed because the staff choose you and therefore they will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are successful. As long as you have a self-starting attitude, common sense and are willing to roll up your sleeves and do some incredible marketing campaigns for clients, then you will find that the rest of the team is there to teach you things that you don't know, and develop you to the next level.

Brainstorm to your hearts content

Brainstorming is something we do often in the office both for ourselves and our clients. It's time out, but also a free space to go wild with what is possible. 

We have values that we stand by: be kind always, never stop learning, put clients first, be ethical and don't abuse the privileges of working for such a progressive, industry leading company.

Oh, and you need to be able to write. From emails to clients and each other, to reports, email marketing campaigns, blogs, websites and more. 

No day is ever the same and you will never, ever be bored. Interested in knowing more? Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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