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Are you the reason why?

It pains me to remember when the business was just me. Even though I have always had staff, I remember when they couldn’t make decisions without me and I worked 16 hours a day just to ensure that everything was 100% perfect.

So often in business, I work with people who are just like that. They feel that the business is about them and only they can make it work. As we all know, this is never the case. The business is no more about me than it is about the receptionist who answers my phone. To deliver a service, its about the team who together make a product or service so unique that you stand out from the crowd.

The days when I used to check off everyone’s work, look over every invoice and hire every person – were exhausting and were hinder the company’s ability to grow.

Only through reality checks (challenges that come up in every small businesses life) and through mentors (people who not only inspire, they tell you the real hard facts of life) did I let go and the rest is history.

If you check off every single thing in your business and your latest marketing campaign hasn’t gone out because its sitting on your desk – try 80% and see if the results speak for themselves.

Afterall, there is no harm in trying something once…

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