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An investment in social media is one of the best investments a small business could make

A few days ago in Melbourne I did a speech in front of a group of hugely inspiring business women on how I built Marketing Eye to be in the position we are in today.

In writing that speech, I realised something very important. Our success didn't really have much to do with what we were selling, as ultimately in that market, we have a lot of competitors.

What made us so successful, and ensured that our phones ring non-stop with inquiries is social media.

How much we play on social media determines how many inquiries we have as a business.

We would not have been able to grow our business like we have without having social media. In fact, in the first 5 years of the business, there was no way we would have been able to continue to build the business and end up in the position we are in today, if it had not been for the leads that derived from Twitter and LinkedIn.

These two social media platforms were our 'game changers'.

Through social media:
  • We have received thousands of enquiries for services
  • Educated the market on the services we provide and our unique value proposition
  • Made people aware of our business in countries that we are not located in
  • Influenced buyer decisions
  • We have become the leading small to medium-sized marketing company in Australia. If fact, the largest outsourced marketing company to SMB with all services in house performed by full time employees in the country.
  • We have ambassadors for our brand who sell our wares for us
  • We have a launch pad for new products and services
  • A voice that is heard by hundreds of thousands of people
  • Well recognised brand, with a strong sustainable reputation
An investment is social media is one of the best investments a small business can make - we know first hand.

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