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A marriage proposal on Valentine's Day... I can't believe it!

It has caught me by surprise. Who would have guessed? I wasn't expecting anything, not even a rose.

But thus is the world of business. Marriage proposals come and go all the time. They usually come in the form of a business partnership or alliance agreement with a third party, but seldom come together how they should. Divorce rate is high. Satisfaction rate is low. Maintenance is often forgotten. Celebration falls to the way-side.

When the marriage is a business investor, it gets even more tricky. You really don't want to divorce until the pre-nup comes into play and is realised and you definately don't want someone walking away with more money than they should or worse still - losing it all.

How do you make the most of a marriage proposal? What should you look out for?

1.  Is it a good fit? Do they have the right values?
2. Culturally, are you on the same page?
3.  Financially, will it benefit you?
4.  Is it a win-win scenario or is it swaying too far in one direction?
5.  How many marriages do you need to be successful?

Mellissah Smith, in Atlanta.

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