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A Lot Can Happen In One Week

Wow! Did this week really happen? Is this what happens when all of a sudden, your brand kicks in and everyone knows who you are? Is this all a dream or is Marketing Eye really firing?

I have had the most surreal couple of months with more clients coming in the door than I know what to do with. I have sold the first licensing agreement for Marketing Eye to the most dynamic, sales and marketing consultant I could ever hope for in Nicole Ryan who now runs Queensland. Not only does she have extensive experience, but she also has the most incredible drive. Every breathing minute she is thinking about Marketing Eye. She wakes up every morning excited at the prospect of telling small businesses about Marketing Eye and what we have to offer.

She fits in well with the team and her energy is contagious. I love it! I love every single minute of spending time with someone who has so much passion. And, I can’t believe that it is about a brand that I brought into this world.

Marketing Eye has always made sense to me. There are almost 2 million small businesses in Australia alone and they all need marketing. There is no other marketing company that specialises in the small to medium size business space with Marketing Eye’s infrastructure, techology, physical presence and talent.

We can and will make companies successful by driving their marketing efforts. Every time I meet with a small business, I am overwhelmed by excitement of what we as a company can do to make the company more marketable and build their brand to new heights.

They say that the market is bad, but I say that the market is full of opportunities. You just have to go out there and get them. Don’t focus on what you can’t do – but instead, what you can do.

Marketing Eye is a testiment to putting all your eggs in one basket and believing that you can really make a difference to someone’s lives by marketing their business.

Remember, every business needs a marketing eye, but not every business has one. Now they can!!

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