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A HUGE Bingle

laraIt saddens me that someone would take a photograph of a woman having a shower when clearly by the expression on her face, she did not authorise for it to be taken.

On top of that, she is a well known public personality who makes a living out of brand ‘Lara Bingle’.

Whilst tightly managing your brand is very important, sometimes things can happen out of your control. This disgusting betrayal and disrespect for a woman who by all accounts has done nothing wrong, should not be tolerated. What has the world come to where someone cannot have a shower without someone else barging in and taking a photograph to show all of his mates and now the world via the internet.

This mentality is just not acceptable. Whoever took it should not only remunerate this poor girl who is obviously experience humiliation, but they should also go to jail.

And… for that matter, the newspapers that are using this picture should also pay compensation. How would you like it if it was your daughter or sister who this animal of a person has taken a picture of? Maybe newspaper and magazine editors just don’t have any sense of common decency.

I will not buy a single newspaper or magazine that promotes this bad behaviour that is obviously causing enormous strain on a young girl in her early twenties.

This will not ruin her brand but in fact it should ensure that this young woman, Lara Bingle, has more fans and supporters because no person deserves to go through this.

In business, brands need to be tightly managed but there still is no 100% surety that something like what has happened to this personal brand, won’t happen in a business sense. With the Internet and mobile phones, its impossible to make sure your brand is not represented consistently and in the same positioning that your standards manual dictates – all the time.

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