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$8 million dollars for clever PR?

The David Jones saga continues and I have to say, that I probably am of the opinion that David Jones and Mark McGuinness are being played just so some young girl can make a few million. More than she ever would have made in her entire career.

Something obviously went on, but at the end of the day, the man apologised for reading Kristy Fraser-Kirk’s signals which from all accounts by what I have been told from people in close proximity to the situation – was always bordering on flirty behaviour.

Will this open up a can of worms? Sure, give her a couple of hundred thousand dollars – but a multi-million dollar deal? Really? Does she deserve this when she has personally courted the media and made statements to the media to ensure that it ’scares the pants’ of David Jones who is trying in earnst to protect their brand name?

If she genuinely cared about making a difference, then she would donate the proceeds other than a couple of hundred thousand to a charity that helps woman. I am sure we won’t see her doing this and no doubt the holiday to the Hamptons is nothing like the one she is about to have.

I know this might go against the grain of most woman, but there has to be a limit. She has made her point and there is always two sides to the story. She has just played the PR game really well.

For the record: If it was me, this would have all occured behind closed doors – not through the media as chosen by Kristy Fraser-Kirk.

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