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5 Things That You Can Do Now To Change Your Future

Is anyone else caught up in the euphoria of the new year? I can’t stop thinking about my life, where I am going, and what I want to be doing.

It is literally driving me crazy – in a good way.

I am writing down lists of things that I would like to achieve and the list just seems to get bigger and bigger – until I throw it all away and start again, trying desperately to pick 5 things that really will change my outcomes – for the better!

1. Believe in yourself:
It’s true. You are what you believe. Your beliefs, for better or worse, turn into self-fulfilling prophecies and you cannot limit yourself through scaling back on what you believe is possible. Look in the mirror and start talking to yourself (yes, you will feel like a mad person at the time), and finally, you will realise that anything you believe you can do, you will achieve.

2. Decide who you want to be:
This is a tough one because many of us don’t know the answer. I dug deep over the holiday break thinking about who I want to be. Yes, I want to be a great business person, help other people succeed, challenge myself and make the world a better place. But to look past that, and see myself in 10 years’ time, my vision of the person I want to be is slightly different. I don’t want to have a ‘job’ and I don’t want to have a ‘home’ or a destination that I have to be. Instead, I want to be a person of the world who goes around and makes a significant difference to the lives of people less fortunate.

3. Make choices now that affect your future:
In my case, if I want to be this person who helps others, I have to have access to the resources - meaning that I have to work very hard right now to ensure that I have the funds and the time to get my hands dirty and get the job done.

4. Have a voice:
I used to be afraid to be controversial until one day I decided to take that leap of faith. What happened after that is the realization that not everyone is going to be on the same path with the same point of view and that is ok. In fact, taking criticism, rightly or wrongly, is character building. If you are walking around and wanting everyone in the world to like you, then your existence is shallow. Instead, if you have a belief and have facts to back it up, don’t be afraid to have conversations, but always make sure your audience knows that it is your belief and doesn’t have to be theirs. Standing on a stage, gives your voice an audience. That stage can be in a theatre, on social media or in a blog. Know that your voice is worth something, and your opinion matters.

5. Be afraid:
So, your afraid to take that big leap or start that new career path? Don’t be! However, know that being afraid is the first step to overcoming fear, and making the next step to do something about it. I’m afraid of so many things, and every day I choose whether I tackle that fear or I run from it. Running from fear gets you nowhere – that is a certainty.

Are you ready to start that marketing career you've always dreamed of? Have you been thinking about expanding your business across the globe? No matter what you have been dreaming about, it is never to late to achieve your goals. If you are anything like me, think long and hard about these 5 steps and start become the successful person you were always meant to be. 

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