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5 Design Websites Every Marketer Needs to Use

Did you know that online consumers can only retain 10 to 20% of the information they read or hear about, but once you combine the data with visual elements, the data retained goes up to 65%?

People tend to be visual learners, and for that reason, it is so important that your business puts visuals with each piece of digital content you distribute. The problem is, not everyone is super creative.

Well, thanks to these five game-changing websites, you don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful graphics for your content:

Canva is so user-friendly that just about anyone can design anything from social media graphics to company flyers. It provides unlimited templates and design ideas, so if you aren't that creative, don't stress it! You will never have to create anything from scratch.

For a business, Canva is a phenomenal resource as you can upload your company colors, logos and fonts to ensure all collateral is consistent. You can also share designs and even create teams. Oh, did I mention its free? Of course, an upgraded version will allow you to utilize many more features, but the free version is more than sufficient.

Crello is very similar to Canva in the sense that there are a variety of templates to help kick-start your designs. However, Crello offers an extraordinary feature: animated posts. Animated posts are great for your marketing efforts as they can increase click-through rates by 20%.

The navigation of Crello is almost identical to Canva and is super easy to use. It's also another excellent website for design inspiration!

PiktoChar is fantastic for creating stunning infographics, presentations and printables for your business. The free version supplies you with templates for posters, reports, and flyers. Infographics are especially helpful if your company has a complex concept that could be better explained through visuals.

Bannersnack is a great tool that will help your business design incredible advertising campaigns. You can choose between creating a single banner or an entire banner set. Whether you want to create an advertisement for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or a social media story, Bannersnack is there to make designing advertising banners a breeze.  

Fastory is terrific if your business heavily utilizes Instagram and SnapChat stories and social media advertising. The best part is it also provides animated features to make your content more engaging. The free version is pretty limited, but if you pay a small monthly fee, you can integrate your brand colors and fonts into each design.

Fastory will also track your analytics to ensure your designs are accurately capturing your audiences and driving traffic. It’s pretty incredible and makes your content extremely appealing.

Now that you know about these tools you can create highly engaging graphics to go with your content. If your business is in a position where you need a professional to develop graphics for sales presentations, brochures, or any other marketing collateral, give us a call at Marketing Eye today for a free consultation.

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