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5 Better Ways to Market to Millennials

The term “Millennial” has taken a negative undertone in modern western society. Being a generation raised with advanced technology integrated into their everyday lives, it’s difficult to catch a Millennial’s attention in a world with content overload.
Here are 5 ways to catch the attention of Millennial audiences: 

1)    Create “Authentic” Content
  • The days of Outbound Marketing tactics are over. Magazine ads, direct mail campaigns and radio spots just don’t catch the attention of younger audiences. Instead, Millennials are drawn to websites, blogs and social media tailored to their likes and interests. Why, you may ask? Millennials feel empowered when discovering new content. By creating authentic content on these platforms, Millennial audiences will reward you by sharing, liking, pinning, tweeting, snapping, forwarding and commenting your content with their online communities.
  • An example of authentic content might be an Instagram video with a social media influencer using the product in real time. 
2)    Non-Intrusive Advertising
  • If a Millennial even senses that you are trying to sell something they are immediately uninterested. So how do you build a personal connection with your audience without being too pushy? Simple, tell a story. Whether you are sharing your company’s story or sharing the stories of your customer’s experiences, younger generations can better relate to your brand once you’ve given your company a voice. Effective ways to communicate your story is through social media and blog posts!
3) Win Loyalty
  • One thing that hasn’t changed is the effectiveness of word of mouth endorsements. If a coworker or friend recommends a brand, a millennial is more likely to buy that product over a product they saw on a printed ad.
  • Offering free trials is also a great way to win consumer loyalty and gain their business.
  • Be transparent. Share all the information you can about your company. Keep things real, simple and honest to win the loyalty of the younger generations.
4)    Be Accessible 24/7
  • Consumer Engagement is crucial on social media. Millennials will ask questions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and expect a response almost immediately. Make sure someone in your office is responsible for handling all social media engagement.
5)    Stay Relevant
  • Millennials want to spend money on brands that are giving back to the world. It is important that your brand stays relevant by prioritizing memorable experiences and social identity. Brands that appeal to their audience’s values.
  • Show up at events that Millennials will be attending. Strike up conversations with them, learn their likes, interests, shopping habits, but most importantly build a relationship with them!

Keeping up with younger generations is no easy task. With them being exposed to unlimited information all day, it is crucial that you apply these tactics and have the ability to stop their fingers from scrolling past your product. It's always good to remember when marketing to younger audiences that if you can’t beat them, join them! If you need help marketing to Millennials, contact us

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