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3 Ways Content Distribution Can Propel Your Brand

Content is King. But Distribution is Queen... And she wears the pants!
It can be extremely frustrating to put in the hours that it takes to create amazing content and never see any results. I can remember when I first started blogging more than 8 years ago and see 2 people actually read it. Typically, those two people were my parents... thanks mom!

But the reason why your blog isn't being read is summed up in three words: Distribution, Distribution, Distribution!

In fact, without proper distribution, you might as well not even create in the first place. Think about the automobile industry for a minute. Imagine if they didn't have the dealerships pushing out cars to people that needed them. It just wouldn't work!

So why are you treating your content like it's going to sell itself? You must begin building a healthy system of channel marketing for your business. Identify what proxys your target audience is hanging out on, and distribute all of your owned media. Here's 3 ways in which you can get started today:



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