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100 Ways to improve your small business marketing

It’s getting late… but here are some more…

61. Follow all your competitors followers on Twitter. Chances are, they will be following you in no time!

62. Improve your sales presentation and show your current clients how you communicate what you do. There feedback will be invaluable

63. Hold seminars. You are more likely to sell to a prospect with other business people in the room and its the same effort to do one presentation to 10 people than it is to do it to 1

64. Be nice to prospects receptionist and PA’s. Many deals have been lost by people being rude or discounting the power of a PA

65. Join forces with a complementary business to yours and do a joint mailout – 1/2 the costs and save

66. Value add – need I say more?

67. Make your customers experience more memorable. Give them Timtams when they visit next

68. Take down the home taken photos on your website and replace them with professional pictures from

69. Turn your business upsidedown to find out what your unique value proposition really is

70. Ask your friends and family to ‘like’ your business home page on Facebook.

71. Then ask your friends and family to send it out to their friends to ‘like’ your business home page on Facebook

72. Host a charity breakfast. Raise money for a good cause and at the same time, raise your profile at the same time

73. Approach Pathways Australia or your local University to get a ‘Marketing Intern’ for 3 months to write you a marketing strategy and implement it

74. Stuff your website with new content to give reason for people to come back over and over again

75. Handwrite a letter to a prospect. When was the last time you received a handwritten letter?

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