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100 ways to improve your small business marketing – Part 5

marketing_01If you haven’t received a useful tip by now – you don’t know how 

41. Turn your invoice into a sales tool. Place a marketing message on the bottom with the latest special offer

42. Implement a loyalty program with your customers

43. Improve word-of-mouth marketing by making sure you set a good image and give people something positive to talk about

44. Enter awards programs. You may or may not win, but you WILL get exposure

45. Brainstorm with your staff and see what their marketing ideas are

46. Host a launch event next time you need to promote a new product or service

47. Have a corporate brochure designed by a professional

48. Do a letterbox drop within a 5km radius of your business

49. Become a member of

50. Commit to 10 business development phone calls per day – guaranteed to make a difference to your sales performance

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