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100 Ways to improve your small business marketing – Last 25 of 100

Friday is the best day of the week. You know you have the weekend in front of you to relax, enjoy the company of friends and family and in general, do what you love most.

To help you relax more, and to know, that next week is going to be an awesome week in your business, why not read the rest of Marketing Eye’s 100 Ways to improve your small business marketing. I am sure if you implement half of these great tips, your business will be going great guns.

76. Build your database of prospects – scan Yellow Pages, world wide web, and if you can afford it, but a list from a company like List Bank. Then use the list! Communicate regularly – once a week, once a month. You work out what is best for your small business and what your prospects are receptive to. Try using for distribution.

77. Join an e-mail list or online forum related to your profession. Post questions and answer questions.

78. Identify a new market segment (niche) that would use your product or service

79. Use Free Press Release distribution services online to distribute your next press release. You never know who may pick it up

80. Always carry business cards with you

81. Take good care of your current customers and slot in times within the month to make direct contact with them even if it is to ‘chew the fat’

82. Link to customer and friends websites and ask them to link back. This will improve your google ranking

83. Offer a premium service. People are happy to pay more for a better product or service. It increases your margins and will improve customer satisfaction

84. Turn your twitter account into a ‘real time’ newsletter. Get everyone to participate

85. Syndicate an article in,, – they have highly ranked sites and quality traffic

86. Case study: write up a case study of a recent customer

87. Put links to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube on all electronic communications including your blogs, emails, and website

88. Provide incentives to all staff including non-sales or client facing staff to bring in new clients. Money always works!

89. Have you heard of The Coffee Groundz? They use Twitter for people to book takeout orders – how can you copy this scenario in your business?

90. Create a customer award and present it each year

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