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Your way is not the only way: management styles

When people ask what my management style is, I often find this a hard question to answer. I am almost never "there" and we have had in place until two years ago a CEO, so there was never a reason for me to be actively involved in day-to-day management or leadership. In the past two years, we have focused on a flat management style where no-one really has a boss but they have a "coach" or person to go to with a title of State Manager whenever they feel the need to for normal administrative purposes or if they feel they are looking for leadership.

For a long time now I have not been actively involved in day-to-day running of Marketing Eye. I find that a tad boring - and possibly not playing to my biggest strength. I work largely with a couple of people who help me realize my vision, but the rest is team collaboration and their direction that sets Marketing Eye's business plan and directive.

I never do things "my way" as that leadership style is old-school and not conducive to collaboration or giving people the ability to show off where and how they can be better than you at things that you may have thought "only you could do". As we all know, there is always someone better and if you can employ that, you are on a winner.

What I do do though is be innovative. My mind works in strange ways and I am always thinking of ways to improve how we do things. I personally am actively involved in technology development from conceptual stage through to completion and everything in between. It surprises people when I tell them this as it's so unexpected. I don't think they realize that there marketing is no longer just about marketing and communications, it's also about technology and how all of these things work together.

A great friend of mine in Atlanta said to me that he only hires self starters and that is what we are trying in ernst to do, but that is harder to realize once again when employees are picking their own team - as sometimes they just pick people they like. But that's another story and adventure that as a team at Marketing Eye we are going down.

This has me thinking, what management style am I and how does this affect our business outcomes?

There are many management styles out there, and these are just a few; 


This style is about immediate compliance from employees and requires them to fall under old-school management philosophies.


More visionary in style providing long-term direction and vision for employees and asking them to buy into this direction.


This is a harmonious style of management and works well for ensuring employees get on well and that managers and employees get on well.


This is the very modern way of working as a manager and leader, creating a democratic environment to build commitment and consensus among employees.


This is more akin to Marketing Eye and is all about creating the highest level of standards in every area with excellence being the main objective.


Another modern way of operating is investing in your team for the long-term. It works best with employees in large corporations whose salaries are high and not worth giving up and therefore an investment in their long-term career development will not only benefit the employee but ultimately the profits of the company. Think GE.

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