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Whitney Houston “Up Close & Personal” Special VIP Pre-sale Offer to my blogging pals


“I will always love you” is my favourite Whitney Houston song. It still sends shivers down my spine. Only Celine Dion matches her spectacular voice. She is just amazing.

In the 80’s, Whitney Houston could do no wrong. If tickets to her concerts were released then, it would be a sell-out in minutes. It’s amazing how much the public remembers this women with a big voice who won us all over in the movie The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and with her catchy ballads.

Brand Whitney, like the brand Britney of today, has been tarnished by a bout of sex, drugs and rock n roll. I remember when she was making a name for herself, my Mother was so pro Whitney because she was religious and sang beautiful love songs. Today, she asked me if I was going to ‘really’ see Whitney Houston as if it was something that she would never dream of doing. Oh, how things have changed!

It’s a bit like Tiger. If you build your brand on what I call the ’shiny Pleasantville image’ then you are taking a huge risk and there is alot to live up to. Whitney and her people took this risk and when she spiralled on the wrong side of the tracks with her husband of the time Bobby Brown, she lost all of her fans in it’s wake.

Making a comeback is brave and admirable.

I am going to see her and thanks to my friend Andrew McManus have been invited to buy tickets early – guaranteed good seats !!!Lucky me!

If you want to take advantage of this, click on this picture and don’t forget to use the password.

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