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We are 'Pro America' in a time that change is imminent

Watching from afar, but being in the thick of it all at the same time, the US election has taken a toll on our perception of what is going on, and what we need to do moving forward.

In one way, we originated from Australia as a brand, and I spend most of my time there. In another way, we employ only Americans in our US offices, so the election does affect us whether we like it or not.

Like many, when I saw bias in media, I went online. Each day, I read up from what I thought were reputable media sites on the latest developments on the election. I steered clear of anything that seemed to contain content that was biased in any way, and tried really hard to read between the lines. 

Of course, I don't vote, but I have a company, and I employ Americans, so I care about the state of the economy. For us, we need to continue to grow and create jobs for Americans, and at the same time support the local economy in whichever way we can. We believe in giving back and helping create jobs through our not-for-profit associated organization The World Incubator - and will do in American in the not to distant future.

Here's a few things that were evident about the US election:

Celebrities have a following: the Celebrity following of Hillary Clinton was unmistakenable, and without doubt created influence in the way in which many people voted. The fact that she didn't win, has nothing to do with the fact that the 'Celebrity Card' would have given Hillary more voters than if she did not have so many come out publicly. Their fake throw away lines that they will move country if Trump was voted in, was just that. No-one moved, so the one's that took it too far with trying to persuade voters by saying this are looking like jokes and have probably lost a few fans. A lesson for celebrities I think.

People were looking for change: While Obama seems to be on a popularity roll right now, that hasn't been the case for some time. The average American who deservingly count regardless of the horrendous bagging they received by the media when the vote count came in, voted for change. Just because someone has a University degree doesn't mean they are more qualified to vote or are less successful. The demeaning media reports of the breakup of the vote is offensive to everyone as no person is better than the person sitting next to them.

In general, the world was looking for a female President: Without doubt, not just in America, but around the world, people were hoping for a female President of the United States. Unfortunately, the wrong person was put forward and that is why the votes didn't come in in Clinton's favour. It seems from an outset, that there were too many inconsistencies with Clinton and question marks over things such as the Clinton Foundation and her role in the Obama Government in the process of selling arms to what was reported as being a direct sale to terrorists. There were other issues, like turning a blind eye to her husband's indiscretions, and the large amounts of money Wall Street, and questionable groups had donated over time. I think from this her integrity was questioned, and when people are thinking of the prestige and importance of the first female President of the United States of America, they want a role model. Integrity, trust and leadership are important.

Wikileaks produced evidence of emails that were not denied: The process to obtain these emails of course is under question and blame is being placed fairly or unfairly on Putin and the Russians. Should they have been made public? If I send you an email, I would hope that the email is between us, likewise in business. It's an unspoken rule. In public office, there seems to be another aspect in that the people sitting in those positions are in fact employed by the public through taxes, so in fairness to that, if something is going on that isn't right, or aids terrorists for instance, then the people who pay the bills should have a right to know. This process was not probably the best, and would have better come from Obama communicating the conflicts, not a third party. Obama is biased in this area, and has displayed a dislike for Trump, so would he never communicate something like this to the people who pay his salary? I don't think so.

The slanging match has to stop: In the business community that I am involved in, even those who voted for Clinton have said to me personally that the way Obama is undermining the incoming President in his media announcements and pushing through certain political agendas just as he is leaving, is plain wrong. It doesn't show a man of integrity, and at times, it appears quite counter-productive. Why set the next President of the United States up for failure? If you love your country so much, wouldn't you be giving them every chance to be more successful than you? Isn't that succession planning? Isn't kindness, and putting the country first more important?

Trump marketed himself well: His team deserve a marketing award. Some craziness and outright outlandish speeches did get him more online impressions than if he had just been professional and acted like a businessman rather than a Politican. Was this a smart marketing ploy? Whatever the case, he was voted in.

Picking on the Trump family has become a sport: Why is the media trying so hard to undermine the entire family? It is mean-spirited, unkind and certainly creates hostility when we should in fact be showing respect. The family has been nothing other than professional through this whole process. The attacks on his wife are horrendous - I have to say! Before the slanderous reports in the media, I thought she looked a tad ridiculous with too much work done to her face. She is beautiful, so why ruin what amazing genes she clearly has? However, the speech issue should not have been made into an attack on a woman who of course is not a Political player and didn't write her own speech. The speech writer is 100% at fault, and even then, it's hard to know whether you pick things up subconsciously when you write through hearing it or whether it is in fact original. Any writer knows that. Her decision to be a great mother to her son should be something every person respects. I don't have children, but I respect that while she clearly supports her husband, her main role in life, as it should be, is to be a good mother and not disrupt the young boy's life just because his father is about to become President of the United States. This call is admirable.

Hillary should just enjoy life: We don't always win and if we did, life would be boring. I am sure her loss is not too indifferent to a sportstar playing a grand final, but rather than focus on the negatives, this woman has a chance to start living life. How exciting! She will actually get time to find out who the real Hillary Clinton is; not the Politican who has worked a lifetime to one day take on the top role. Find real friends, travel without any real plans, and enjoy your hobbies - I say. Spend time with your daughter and grandchildren and get to know them better. Mostly, see if you actually like your husband as your partner in life, or whether you no longer have any of the same interests. Whatever she chooses, hopefully she will realize that you only live once, and it's time for her to start living. 

Business as usual: Most businesses are not concerned by uncertainty. In fact, as a small business, I am looking forward to seeing if Trump has plans to help out small businesses and I do think with the high unemployment rates in the country, bringing some of the production and manufacturing of goods back to America is important. If he can do that, we will see a very different America.

I'm assuming not one person makes all the decisions in Government, so generally speaking, the country is pretty safe. In fact, look at all of the non-Trump supporters whose wealth went up significantly on the stockmarket when Trump was voted in. They are now laughing all the way to the bank. Wish I didn't read media reports about a tanking of the stockmarket, because I would have bought up big (well, in my terms anyway).

Like most Americans, we are all waiting to see what happens and hope that the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, is given a go. He won the votes that counted. He deserves to be given a chance and fair play. I also wish Hillary Clinton the best. It takes a determined person to fight the way she did to get to where she got, and that was in the final two for the top job in the world. Not bad huh! 

Obama, well, I don't know. I liked him, but its bad sportsmanship to be doing what he is doing and kind of tacky to say that he would have won if he was up against Trump. That type of ego is not something I admire. Instead, just congratulate the new President, and give him every opportunity to run the country with the support of his voters. In four years, there will be another opportunity for someone to go up against him, so at the very least, give him four years.

On the topic of racism, I am unfortunately not across what was said so I cannot comment. I'm sure many of you have thoughts on this, but one would hope that given his wives were not American's, and he employs people of all races, he isn't in fact racist. That however, is not for me to comment on as I don't know the story behind it.

Enough said.

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    Futurestarr Team
    04 Jan 2017

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