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Up In The Air – There is a message in everything George Clooney does

I’m in love!

Another George Clooney movie under the belt and on Valentines Day!
Fantastic! He is the most charismatic actor of his generation and of course, the Sexiest Man Alive. I can’t get enough of him. Everything he does oozes sex appeal, charm and a very witty sense of humour. What is there not to like?

If this forum would allow it, I would continue to gush, but it’s not, so I won’t.

Moving on. This movie is a story about a man who travels alot with his job and is addicted to his transient lifestyle that revolves around flying at the front of the plane, staying in hotels and firing people.

In everything George does, there is an underlying message. Some see if as obvious, others take time to find it. Whilst I am not here to talk too much about the messages that are there for the general public, I am here to talk about the messages relating to marketing.

If you haven’t seen this movie and have a small to medium sized business – buy it!

Watch it over and over again and learn how he communicates with people that he is firing or training. How he structures sentences to lessen impact or to make an impact. How when he is public speaking, he speaks slowly and with purpose and makes people feel what he is saying. I felt the backpack on my shoulders full of ’stuff’ that I didn’t need. He MADE me feel it. He communicated in a way that engaged all of my senses.

Are you doing this with your clients? Are you doing this with your prospects? Do you inspire your staff in this way?

Watch. Learn. And make it happen in your small business tomorrow!

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