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Think Fresh! It’s goodbye to the noughties!

Today was a good day. Actually, a good, good day as the lyrics of the Black Eye Peas song goes. It’s a fresh start to the year ahead.

I feel on top of the world, ready to innovate, create and make our clients and prospects very happy.

If you aren’t refreshed and ready to start the new year, go away and have a couple of extra days off. It’s the best thing you could do for your company this year.

I have had plenty of sleep and ideas are flowing for all my different businesses and I really believe that this year is going to be the best ever.

Forget about people predicting a downturn. As a small business, we have the biggest opportunity as long as we all keep overheads low, innovation high and a firm focus on outperforming our competitors.

Marketing Eye has come out with a startup package that is unbeatable and value for money. I expect at least 10 new clients per month just from this.

Play your favourite upbeat song, motivate your staff, be organised and think fresh.

Signing out…one very excitable marketer!

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