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The team is everything, and if you are not on it - get out now!

By all means be competitive, but never be the person who leaves someone else behind just to win. 

After listening to the most fascinating man I have ever had the privilege of listening to on team work yesterday, I am completely empowered to bring my team to one level, together and with the same philosophies of a Navy Seal Team.

In fact, I bought some copies of two books today; No Easy Day and No Hero, from a former Navy Seal, hoping to inspire change.

It's not that our organization doesn't work as a team - we do. But at times, we fall off the bandwagon and start working as individuals to finish projects and that is not the best outcome for the team and for what we are trying to achieve as a business.

Wanting to be the best and having drive is imperative to success. Totally the opposite of what someone like a Marshall Sylver would say, who is hellbent that money and driving a Rolls Royce defines a person - success is a definition that can only be defined properly by yourself and if you have drive and purpose, you will achieve it. You have to be prepared though for set backs and that sometimes is why so many people don't ever live up to their own standards and often become jaded.

When working in a team, remember;

   Team work is everything

   Share a sense of purpose

   Your peers see through you more than anyone else

   The only easy day was yesterday

   Know at what level you are willing to participate - if you are not "all in" then you are not on the team

   Think of new and better ways of doing things as a team

   Do a Navy Seal and "AAR" (After Action Review) to allow everyone on the team to review what you have done as a team, and have no heirachy allowing everyone to say exactly what they think, and how they would have done things differently, or what they liked about the outcome

   Delete stress by living in a "3 Foot World". You can only change what is around you within 3 feet - remember that.

   Demonstrate commitment to your team at every level.

   Trust is paramount. If someone doesn't trust a person on the team, they need to get off the team

   Prioritize and eat one bit at a time

   Change, evolve and adapt

These are not things I have come up with, but are from reading No Easy Day and No Hero.

If you think long and hard about these things, you will see this is the ultimate performing team. One that through team work can achieve anything.

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