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The pens not even dry

Something strange is going on.  A lot of successful business people say that there comes a time in your business life cycle that it either plateaus or the business fires with the injection of new products or services.

For Marketing Eye it’s the latter. We offer small businesses the opportunity to have a qualified marketing manager in their business to run their marketing function.

It’s primarily for businesses that don’t have a need for a full-time marketing manager or the scope financially to have one, but know that they need marketing.

Marketing creates the forum for sales to occur and quite often small businesses find it difficult to find the financial capacity to put money in this area over other critical areas of the business.

We all start new businesses to make to money to fund our lives, our futures and our ambitions. To pay for school fees, to buy a house and to create wealth.

What we also know is that the first 5 years are the most difficult.

Marketing Eye has now been around for 5 years and has reached a point where our brand is known, thanks to happy clients and an impressive google ranking. In January, we introduced a way that all startup and small businesses could have a ‘marketing eye’. We introduced a ‘payment plan’ for marketing services over a 12 month period paid off at no interest over 2 years.

It is the equivalent of $27.95 per day for 2 years with a small balloon at the end.

Not only have we offered this to small business, but we also have given them more hours than our normal contract and all services are inclusive such as web development and updates, search engine optimisation, graphic design, branding, pr and of course, marketing.

We are giving small businesses every opportunity to succeed.

Whilst this may seem mad because at the end of the day, its Marketing Eye who is going to be out of pocket. The reality is that I firmly believe that all small businesses need marketing. Making it accessible to everyone gives companies the tools to grow and prosper.

We also want our clients for the life of our business and to build long lasting relationships, it takes work and a little give and take.

The pens are not even dry on the contracts we are signing right now and there is another one to be drafted. This influx of new clients means that we are able to continue to reinvest in our service delivery and create opportunities for our clients to use each others services.

To be eligible to apply for the $27.95 payment plan to have a Marketing Eye in your small business, you need;

- To turnover no more than $2 million dollars annually
- Want to grow more than 10% per annum
- Understand that you need marketing to grow

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