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The only thing more powerful than a big idea is...

The only thing more powerful than a big idea is the team that can see it through. 

Many of us have big, huge, gigantic ideas - but how many of these ideas actually see light of day. Statistics show that not many do. 

If you are anything like me, you live and breathe ideas and the very essence of your being is celebrating the fact that you are an "ideas person". But an idea is just that unless you do something about it.

Partly I am writing this blog to document the fact that I have a few ideas that are sitting dormant, that I need to pull out of the cupboard and bring to life. But I can't do that without the help of a team of people, all talented in their very own ways, who share that vision and take ownership of their role in making that vision come alive.

Leadship is a collaborative experience, and great leaders know and thoroughly understand this. It's about inspiring people to greatness. Great leaders are not just collaborators but they are also great listeners and mentors. They challenge but are not afraid to be challenged back. How a leader leads will determine whether they are successful or fail in any given venture.

What is essential when you have an idea is to showcase your leadership skills. To make sure that everyone on the team understands the mission, vision and reason why they have been chosen to be part of making this "idea" a reality.

When you have an idea, and a desire to see it see the light of day, you need to bring it to the forefront of conscientiousness. Make sure you live and breathe what you are trying to achieve. Design it as a logo, or visual representation that everyone can share. Write it down. Share it. Own it.

Open the floor:

  • Encourage your team members to disagree with you. Challenge you. Make you think deeply into the decisions you have made to make this idea come alive.
  • Stand back from the action. Let those around you that you are empowering to bring the idea to light make mistakes, create new paths and deliver on what you need to be delivered upon. Don't micromanage.
  • Give meaning to what your team is doing. Explain the why's and ask them if they believe in it as much as you do. If they don't - show them the door.
  • They say curiousity killed the cat, but not in business. Curiousity is the backbone to creating magic.
  • Fire poor managers. Say good-bye. They will be great somewhere else, I promise.
  • Practice makes perfect, or perfect practice makes perfect. Constantly practice your leadership skills.
Don't ever think that there is an excuse for an idea not becoming a reality. Fear, insecurities, micro-management, and lack of risktaking is all that is standing in your path. 

Today, make it happen. Step up to the podium, take control of the mike and deliver.

** picture is from Instagram. It belongs to a Instagrammer by the name of Sophia Webster. She is a standout. Worthwhile following.

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