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The One Night Stand

Most people have had an ill-fated one night stand, where they have drunkenly exposed themselves to the other sex only to wake up with the worst hangover and a feeling of guilt and regret.

It’s like buyers remorse. You are on an absolute high, so you buy that new pair of shoes or iPad and the next day you realise that you could have shopped around, waited another month or never bought it at all.

In business, agreeing to have a one night stand with another company to promote your products or services is as a big deal as picking up a man or woman in a nightclub, having a fun night and waking up wondering whether it was all in fact worth it.

Doing joint ventures requires alot of effort and you never know what the return is. You don’t know if the next day brings a mutually happy scenario, or whether one party wants to continue and the other wouldn’t dream about it.

Before you make the fatal mistake of having a business one night stand, think about the consequences.

a)  Is this a short-term or long-term proposition

b)  Are both parties on the same page

c) Are both parties getting equal out of it

d) What are the pros and cons

e) How will you feel the next morning

f) Will there be followup

A one  night stand can be just that, or the start of a new ‘life’ together.

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