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Retrenching Your Marketing Team

What???? Retrenching your marketing team? Has it really come to that already?

Every second person I speak to informs me that heads have been cut in the marketing department of where they work or companies have gotten rid of marketing altogether.

What are they thinking? Really!

I am flabbergasted that heads of companies still think of marketing as a non-business critical expense. Have they not heard the success stories of the past whereby companies that have marketed have in fact gained greater market share and ultimately profitability in tough economic times?

Ok, so you have done it. What next?

You need a ‘marketing eye’ in your business. There are heaps of companies out there that are offering qualified marketing managers on a contract basis. Don’t give it up altogether. Keep the marketing wheel going and reap the rewards. Keep building your brand, generating leads and communicating with your clients.

Inquiry for marketing services in February 2009 has been terrific for Marketing Eye and I am sure for our competitors. With companies cutting their marketing departments late last year and then finding that they are no better off, have no choice but to seek an outsourced marketing alternative.

Top Tips for Outsourcing Marketing:-

  1. Make sure that your outsourced marketing manager is qualified and experienced across the entire marketing mix (not just PR, or advertising)
  2. Set key performance indicators that are aligned to your adjusted business strategy
  3. Put a marketing plan in place and follow it (don’t get hot under the collar when you don’t make your figures one week and change too quickly)
  4. Stop paying top dollar for graphic design, web development and branding (this is where you can save $$$$)
  5. Use the entire marketing mix, not just one area to promote your company
  6. Make sure you are communicating to your customers on a regular basis
  7. Make sure you sales team is equipped with the right marketing tools to do their job
  8. Use the web and digital marketing to save money on marketing
  9. Forget about how good sales were 12 months ago, and think about how good they will be in 12 months times if you market
  10. Keep your head above water!


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