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Reflecton is a beautiful thing

I was 17 when I first started work, and through a fated role in an advertising agency, I met a group of young journalists and television presenters who have become my lifelong friends.

They worked in television, newspaper and radio in regional Queensland. It wasn't long before each one of them, had offers from bigger cities, because what they all had in common, was that they were incredible journalists. Today, we are all connected in one way or another, and I think it would be safe to say, that we are each as proud of the others achievements, as that of our own.

My best friend is a television producer, presenter and journalist. She is and always has been, the most talented person I know. We share a love of the written word and a 20-year bond that is unbreakable. I can only remember twice having tense words with her in that entire time. She's a Gemini and I am Virgo, and together, it just works. Probably the fact that we both admire each other helps, but on top of that is an acceptance of our differences.

Talented people, I thought needed to be nurtured to reach their full potential. But as we sat talking over a glass of Rose, overlooking the city of Sydney at the famous Wooloomooloo Wharf, we both almost simultaneously said, "how did we turn out the way we have, given that she came from Papua New Guinea and I (sic) from a country town with 10,000 people in regional Queensland? What made us different?" Neither of us is overly ambitious if the truth be told. Instead, we both have this 'inner' need to communicate and do a good job of whatever task is in front of us.

According to her, 'it's inside us', just like all of our friends that we started off with who have gone on to do bigger and better things. We didn't need training, because the things we didn't know, we researched and found the answers.

I sit here on a Sunday morning, knowing that tomorrow is going to be a very different day. It's a day where I will look at my teams' skills and get them to look deep within themselves and work out where they want to improve or need to improve. It's up to them, to discover what is going to make them the best marketers, creatives, writers, producers or accounts staff that they can be.

The onous needs to be on individuals. If people haven't achieved what they set out to achieve, then they need to take responsibility. By making changes and setting a blue print for new discoveries, learnings and ways to achieve goals, things will happen.

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