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Optus says NO! not Yes As It Proclaims

I am sure you have heard many times before my issues with Optus. I can’t believe the bad service continues. They take no responsibility for anything yet again, I have gone 1 month without a mobile phone. Twice in one year – now that’s a record. Last time was 7 weeks thanks to Optus.

Well, in pouring rain and bad traffic I arrived to pick up my new phone at 5.31pm. The who team were sitting there watching me at the front door. Eventually “Daniel” came to the door (Optus World Prahran) and he said I won’t be serving you – come back tomorrow. Now I was there 1 minute late to pick up a phone – what sort of service is this?

There needs to be more competitors in this market. I have vowed before but was too lazy to change – that I would never have another account with Optus. I can assure you, that this is definately the case and I will never again have anything to do with Optus or an Optus World store.

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