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Optus Does It Again!

If you read my blogs you may remember that I have had numerous problems with a faulty Blackberry that Optus sold me almost 2 years ago.

Last year, I was without a phone for 6 weeks. I am a small business owner and to have no mobile phone for 6 weeks is diabolical! Their representatives lied continually about the whereabouts of the phone and when I got it back, not all functions worked.

Worse than that – I began being charged for excess data charges. When I first inquired about this, they said I must be using the internet too much. I have since found out that when the phone was repaired, it had reverted back to the Blackberry internet. This internet is charged as extra and my phone no longer had access to the Optus internet.

So I have been charged over $200 per month extra on my bill for this error.

Once again, Optus won’t take responsibility. They say that this has occured by the best they can do is credit $100 per month. Is this ridiculous? They need to credit the entire amount that has been overcharged.

What are your thoughts?

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