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Not Interested in Customer Service or Feedback?

I had the most unusual experience today with Prism Colour in Melbourne which is run by a guy (who I have never met) by the name of Greg McHenry.

As a marketing company, our job is to ensure that our clients printing goals are achieved in terms of quality and timely delivery.

Firstly, Prism Colour delivered brochures for our client 4 days late after sending it 2 days late to the wrong address. The right details were quoted on by them to the right address, but instead they sent to a local address. Completely their error and their production guys confirmed that they would correct the error at no charge to the client.

Secondly, I have to say when it finally arrived (too late for the purpose it was intended for), I looked at them and thought they looked cheap and that the printing was perhaps not as good as I would expect. However, I did say that I would check it off with our production department to confirm that the job was as I had thought.

Their sales guy that annoyingly just pops in when he feels like it to the office (obviously hasn’t heard that he needs to make an appointment) came in a week later and asked if I liked the job. I told him my thoughts but said regardless we are happy to pay for it, but may not use them for that type of job again.

He then rung up and asked if he could have the name of a friend who owns a marketing company so that they could ’sell’ their services into them.

I said that I could not do that as I wanted to be sure that if I recommended someone that they would be getting a quality job and delivered when they say it will be delivered.

Now, all of this is fine other than the invoice error whereby they tried to charge us for two deliveries until…

I speak to this guy Greg McHenry who was incredibly rude, spoke over me and certainly had more than a bee in his bonnet.

Rude, Rude, Rude.

I sat their dumbfounded by just how rude and arrogant this man was to a ‘customer’ who hasn’t queried paying (other than for the transport cost) and who may have used them for areas that they had proven to be good at.

Not all companies are good at everything. Certainly I would have 20 or so friends who own marketing companies and their biggest issue is consistent quality with printers.

Consistency is companies like Worldwide Printing, Half Price Printing, Green Printing… all pretty much consistent.

Now, if a company said that to me, knowing that there is no issue with paying but it was just feedback, I would say that I would look into it and then if I believed that it was quality, I would then give them examples of similar jobs. Easy and good customer service.

No, this company has no idea about customer service and certainly isn’t interested in customer feedback and repeat business.

Well, you have now lost a customer and certainly won’t be recommended by me!

It doesn’t take much to provide good customer service and in most cases, people are reasonable. Maybe I should send him a few customer service books to read up on… might be helpful to their business.

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