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Most Entrepreneurs Know How To Market

It’s not what your marketing company really wants to hear, but hey, it’s the reality.

Most entrepreneurs have a fair idea how to market their idea. They just need the resources to do it, a bit of direction and some market intelligence that they may not have previously had access to.

Marketing isn’t rocket science, but it is a science of sorts and takes alot of research and experiences to know what has a better chance of succeeding and what doesn’t.

I rarely have an entrepreneur that comes into my office and says that they don’t know something about their market or ways in which they should market their brand or more precisely, communicate their value proposition.

Where a marketing consultancy comes in is when the company understands what they know and in their experience what they think would work, and asks advice from their consultancy on whether or not they have packaged their product or service right, communicated with the right audience and learnt the art of selling.

Entrepreneurs also spend so much time worrying about finances and people, that they often don’t find the time to execute their great marketing ideas the way that they want to. It’s half-arsed – and the results speak for themselves.

If you are an entrepreneur, try writing down all the great marketing ideas you have and then put them into a timeline. Don’t go home from work unless they are done. Call in the skills you don’t have and connect with your customers to achieve the sales outcomes you are looking for.

Good luck!

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