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Marketing Resources – to get out of a pickle

Marketing Eye listens to what clients want and quite often adapts what we offer accordingly.

Small businesses that cannot afford a fulltime Marketing Manager benefit from having a Marketing Eye in their business.

It’s a 12 month commitment to increasing sales and delivering on your brand promise. If a Marketing Manager cannot give you a ROI on what you are spending, then perhaps they should not be in marketing – it’s as simple as that. Our Marketing Managers are skilled and professional in their approach with years of experience, ensuring our clients are not behind the eight-ball.

What does a Marketing Manager do in a small business?

Strategy, brand positioning, lead generation, public relations, advertising, branding, digital marketing, tradeshows – you name it – if it’s called marketing, then they do it.

Some entrepreneurs have their own marketing ideas, and that’s more than ok. Marketing Eye wants to ensure that these ideas don’t just remain as ‘ideas’ but actually get done, so we are now offering clients a Marketing Executive in their businesses for $45 per hour. You take care of the strategy, they take care of the implementation.

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