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It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s a volcano!!!

Well, alot has happened in aerospace of recent and quite a few million people have been affected. The volanic ash deriving from Iceland has grounded all planes and airports are now laying out beds for passengers to sleep on whilst they wait. It looks like a disaster zone.

My good friend Adie is a South African living in London, holidaying in Thailand, and in desperate need to get back to work – but like everyone else – can’t.

So, a possible route for her is to fly to Moscow (with her bikini in tow), then head to Rome and somehow, find a way to get back to London that doesn’t involve flying.

How much money would train and hire car companies be making right now? I bet they haven’t kept their prices at the normal rate. The amount of money car and train companies will be making in the next few weeks will be huge. They will all be laughing, all the way to the bank!

The downside is all of those businesses that can’t get their employees back to work because they are stuck in another country. What happens to the things that have to be done?

Oh, well. I live in Australia. Not my problem (or is it?).

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