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How much power should you give your employees?

Marketing Eye is an international business. With our expansion to Atlanta and then other locations throughout the US, we had to really think about what our organizational structure was going to be like moving forward. After a lot of investigation, and research, we decided to work as a flat organizational structure and give people the power to make important business decisions.

I am not a micro manager and I know that the business cannot reach its full potential nor its business goals by me being involved in every decision. 

Decision making mode

As we embark on the next phase of expansion, we are once again thrust into decision making mode. New recruits, new premises, new marketing campaigns, new technologies - you name it and I am sure there is a decision to be made.

In Atlanta we first trialled employees choosing their own work mates. There were some lessons to be learned from this process, however, largely, it is successful and it helps build a culture where each person has each other's back.

Employee first 

The problem with that can be that the business isn't first and the employee is. At first, it's an adjustment for an entrepreneur to accept unless you have been there and done that in big corporate and it's second nature to you.

But with this, there is a complete mindset change and it's positive and full of promise.

Employees who choose their work colleagues have a vested interest in them being capable at their roles. They take ownership where they may not have otherwise. 

Own it

With making other decisions, it's not so simple. Like what technology to implement particularly if you are a marketer and have worked with a particular type of technology that has been effective in the past. That's a challenge and ultimately someone has to take ownership of that. The problem is that many technologies like Salesforce and Marketo (which we use) are never fully implemented and utilized as they should be because people don't "own it". 

Eventually though, you work through this by selling the technology back into your staff and having continous training programs in place. 

As we continue to grow, Marketing Eye will be led by the employees. They will make key decisions that would otherwise be made by the "entrepreneur" or President. 

We will document this journey for you and ensure that we share the pros and cons - just like we always do!

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  • ramet
    11 May 2015

    Nice way to run your business.