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Happy clients = Happy Employees = Happy Boss

I had to laugh when I came into work today and found these three balloons. It's so true that in a consulting company, if clients are happy, employees are happy and the end result is "boss is happy".

But it is a tough gig and anyone who says otherwise must know something that I certainly do not know.

Today, I have an amazing team of people. They are bright, energetic, young, vibrant, thought-leaders. That's right... thought-leaders. They are not just sitting there doing their jobs, but instead they are thinking about what's next for our clients and how can they help grow Marketing Eye in new, exciting directions while fulfilling their own career goals.

Atlanta has been an amazing journey for Marketing Eye. Not only were we able to gain market share quickly, but we also took risks when hiring that paid dividends. 

The passion of our team is contagious. They are funny, witty and always up for anything as long as they do it together and get to "show off" their many hidden skills.

Many entrepreneurs that are not purely technology driven are reluctant to hire young people - but I am the complete opposite. Maybe it is because we are more tech-driven than any other marketing consultancy I know, or its simply a case of higher risk, higher reward.

#24yrold keeps kicking goals, pushing limits and learning the ropes without sometimes being shown. Brandon, our uber cool designer ensures that every design he does is better than the last and makes a statement for the clients we work with.

What is most interesting about all of our offices today is that they are happy and they take ownership of their own happiness. These balloons are our teams own efforts to collaborate together and see the vision that is in front of them.

If one person let's down the team, everyone falls over. 

I have many times seen the team stay behind waiting for another person to finish their work and send it off to meet a deadline - because they are a team. 

I have also seen them get mad at other employees who don't. Now, that's interesting to watch.

We are all responsible for our own happiness and in small businesses its hard when you have multiple offices all over the world to keep the culture great. The only solution is to ensure that rather than rely on leadership, employees rely on each other to get the most out of their day or their careers for that matter.

Life is too short to blame others for your own happiness and work is something we all do in one way or another - so ensuring that you have a happy environment and enjoy the people you work with is imperative.

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