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Get people talking and reap the rewards

Writing a marketing strategy today, it dawned on me that not enough space is left on a marketing strategy for ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

There is so much emphasis on all the other areas of marketing, yet word of mouth can be a small businesses most powerful marketing tool.

If you are wondering what word of mouth marketing is, then don’t think too hard. It is simply giving people reason to talk about your stuff.

Basically, it’s everything you can do to get people talking about your business. It’s inexpensive, viral and an honest way to get your brand out there.

It is actionable, trackable and plannable as the many other forms of marketing.

Before the internet, word of mouth was something we all knew about but didn’t place enough emphasis on. Now with the internet, the power of word of mouth marketing is more visible and gives us the ability to track through blogs, forums and the many other social networks that exist on the internet.

Why not think about how you can better promote word of mouth marketing in your business?

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