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Gatorade Dumps Tiger

The ‘apology’ media conference by Tiger Woods was a disgrace. He was ill-advised and read from a script that was obviously written by a PR.

If he had waited until his first game of golf, not only would everyone have moved on, but they would have re-ignited their loyalty and dedication as fans and admirers of the elite sportsman.

Instead, a half-baked apology that means nothing to anybody and is so well orchestrated that even if any of it was said with meaning, it certainly didn’t come across that way. It was riddled with what I call PR ‘jargon’ and didn’t read as being an ‘honest’ appraisal of what had gone on. Did the Police make up that his wife Elin smashed the car and Tiger with a golf stick? Seriously, he now is treating the public like they are stupid. Sure the media would have senationalised many facts, but using this ‘coming out’ press conference to infer that there was no violence incurred is ridiculous. I didn’t come down in the last shower and I suggest your fans didn’t either. I can only imagine your advisors have told you to say this so that it doesn’t appear like you accept violence in your marriage.

Gatorade dumping Tiger Woods showcases how savvy they are as a brand. They stayed in and remained with the superstar golfer when he needed them most, but in the end, his poor management and publicity drive in the form of an apology would have made them think that it was all in vain.

Tiger needs to not take any more steps with his current advisory team and start thinking about whether or not he really wants to be a face of golf and elite sportsmanship. If he does, there is alot of work to be done in getting ‘brand Tiger’ back on track and the first step is getting back on the golf course and not playing the public like they are a bunch of idiots.

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