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Determination to keep going is critical to success

There isn't a leader in the world that isn't driven. They may not be driven by the same things, but they are still very much driven by something that is extraordinary and takes them to a place where they know that failure is not an option.

Today, Australia has announced it will have a new Prime Minister in Malcolm Turnbull. His time has come, but it did not come easily or without determination to make it happen. This guy is a genius. He is one of the smartest and most successful businessmen in the country. He not only looked for donations to put him into Parliament, but dug deep out of his own wallet, knowing that one day his dream would come true.

I look at this type of leader with pride. It reminds us all that anything can happen if we set our minds to it. If we really want  for something to happen, it will. We just have to believe in ourselves and surround ourselves with people that can help us get to where we need to be. 

For the first time since John Howard, we have a Prime Minister that I am proud to call the leader of our country. He will look after our wellbeing like no-one before him.

Determination to be successful turns ordinary people into superstars, average athletes into the world's best and business people into success stories. There is possibly no better example of determination than that of Michael Jordan. Jordan's determination and mental toughness are parts of his amazing success. 

Determination is also the hallmark of many great leaders and a powerful trait to have but discipline is critical to balance determination with success.

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