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I love booking flights online. It’s fast, efficient and until today, I thought, cost-effective.

Every flight I book for Marketing Eye is completed by my assistant online and within 10 minutes and then flight times and schedules are placed in my electronic diary. All good.

Today, I had to book a flight internationally for Wednesday. I checked out online the costs and it wasn’t good. Not enough lead time and the place that I needed to go is hard to get to.

So, I decided to listen to one of my friends who books with a company called Cedar Jet Travel in Melbourne. I rung up and a man named Alen answered the telephone. Within minutes I had a ticket booked, $700 cheaper than online, right to the destination I needed with flexibility to change the return date if needed.

I am over the moon. Who would have thought off-line would be cheaper than on-line. Another myth being challenged. Have we all moved online and forgotten about the best deal? $700 to me is a fair contribution towards Marketing Eye’s marketing efforts each week, so to save this sort of money is phenomenal.

They have one very happy customer and when it now comes to booking flights over $500, I will without a double not rely on online as the only option.

Small businesses need to save every penny they can!

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