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You could be the reason your business has stopped growing

Most entrepreneurs don't really listen that much. They trust their gut instinct and often find that their newest great idea, should take precedence over everything else their business has going on. 

While that is good and well, this constant need for gratification and results often leads to entrepreneurs missing the mark - and then wondering why they are forging ahead as first thought.

Entrepreneurs really are an interesting bunch. They constantly are full of great ideas, and often work harder than any one else in their companies, not only doing their jobs but learning how to do it better. 

Most smart entrepreneurs invest in training and development and often join organizations such as the Entrepreneurs Organization to be able to share like minded experiences with others that have been there and done that. It's a great leveler, allowing you to mix with other like minded individuals and A-type personalities. Importantly it teaches you to 'get along' with A Type personalities as they are not as easy to bulldoze like others you may have come across in your careers.

There are a number of things that stop your business from growing:

  • A lack of understanding of your target market. Your gut instinct doesn't work her, but research certainly does.
  • A lack of marketing. You thought by taking a product or service to market, that it would sell itself, think again.
  • You are renowned for sitting on your hands when making important business decisions like hiring a consultant or marketing company.
  • Your leadership skills suck and the people under you are your worse ambassadors because they hate their jobs and dislike their leader.
  • You are a dream and not a doer.
  • No money to invest, and when you do find some, you spend it on the wrong things.
  • You are not prepared to do the hard work.
  • You talk it up, but never do it.
These are only a few things that may be holding you back. If you say yes to anything in the above, fix it. Let's get on the road to success and stop dwindling our time and fortunes on what is surely to be a failure.

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