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Marketing Eye works with supply chain solutions company, Northern Stevedoring Services and has handled all marketing activities for the company since the current General Manager took over about 3 years ago.

We are for all intensive purposes, their marketing manager and as such develop a new marketing strategy each year and implement it over the 12 months. We manage all functions to do with their website, brand, public relations activities, events and more.

Our relationship with them has always been exceptional and since we developed their brand, they have been very keen to communicate its value not only with clients and stakeholders, but also the community.

Yesterday, they loaded 49050 tonnes of lump iron ore and we saw a great opportunity to make the news. So Marketing Eye developed a media alert and the story was front page news in the paper, in various trade editorials and on Channel 7 news.

Not only did they get great coverage, but they also saw the benefits of years of providing branding and key messaging guides on how we communicate what the company does. Of course, this is always reinforced in media releases and it was particularly pleasing to see a News Limited newspaper position the company exactly the way we communicate what they do.

I was chuffed! Hopefully the client was too ;)

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