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5 Ways you can have a stress free project delivered on-time, every time.

Last month I sent a team member to a two-day class to learn about "The Project Success Method".

As a company, we handle many projects, all at the one time, for multiple clients across multiple offices. Ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible is critical. 

I had read quite a bit about Clinton Padgett and his proven Project Success Method. What prompted me to take action was the fact that our company is growing exponentially and we have so many international projects on that unless our people are equipped to run these projects, something will fail. Most importantly is that qualified people train the project leaders, who then in turn work with their teams to train them.

What happens when running a big project is that people get stressed and that "worry curve" becomes insurmountable, creating a catalyst for mistakes to occur. The other big issue is where to start and how to schedule priorities.

Putting in the training early on when a big project is about to occur is paramount to ensuring its success. People like Clint know successful formula's that work and have been proven time and time again. In his presentation, he trains and gives the people in the room group exercises to gain practical experiences in what he is teaching.

Maikayla Desjardin's experience spoke confirms this: "I was able tolearn what "The Method" was and how to implement it. The class was practical with many group exercises that taught each participant everything from how to develop a plan to ensuring that the execution of that plan is successful. The most important part of the class for me was learning how to 'shift the worry curve'.

Here are areas that were covered:
  • Formation of core project team: how to do this
  • Definition of project scope, its core objectives and constraints
  • Analysis of work content and deliverables
  • Project team organization and assignment of responsibilities
  • Scheduled development
  • Project staffing and resource planning
  • Budgeting
  • Progress, cost and quality control.
Other areas Clint teaches include: Risk management, team building and leadership, negotiation, financial analysis/justification, contract administration, legal and regulatory issues, procurement and logistics, statistical quality control, dispute resolution, personal administration and project acounting.

I just checked out Amazon and found Clint Padgett's book The Project Success Method. A worthwhile buy at $18.70 includes free shipping.

5 Ways To Achieve Project Success:

  1. Build a real project team
  2. Concisely define project requirements
  3. Develop a comprehensive project plan
  4. Persistently control the project throughout its execution
  5. Train all people who are involved in the project

I looked up their website to find the next dates for courses:

August 19/20 Atlanta
September 9/10 Chicago
October 7/8 Atlanta
November 4/5 LA
December 9/10 Atlanta

Check out this website:


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