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100 Ways to Market Your Small Business – Part 2

Believe it or not, by the end of this week, you will have 100 ways to market your small business.

11. Get people to link their website to yours to increase your google ranking and traffic to your website

12. Put a professional email tag on the bottom of all emails with your logo, signature and sales message

13. Join to find PR opportunities for your business

14. Whether you sell a product or service, why not put some customer testimonials on your website

15. Put your brand on your motor vehicle so you are advertising your company all day, every day.

16. Set up google analytics so that you know what people coming to your website are interested in, how long they stay on your site and where are they coming from

17. Start a e-newsletter to customers and prospects about the latest news from your business, industry and you!

18. Check out where your company is listed on the Internet and ensure your details are not out-dated

19. Find out where you competitors are listed on the internet and make sure you are there too

20. Respond to other people’s blogs that are relevant to your target audience. Always make sure you say the name of your company and give an easy link to help them find you

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