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100 ways to improve your small business marketing – Part 3

iStock_000007195500XSmall-300x299It’s Thursday and there is still quite a few to go. Why not try these tips?

21. Conduct a survey using to find out why people use your product or service, then use this data for newsletters and for distribution to the media (if the data is interesting – of course!)

22. Ring you top 10 clients and ask them if they know other companies that would be well-suited to using your products or services

23. Improve your image by making sure you look the part. How does a CEO / MD look? What should they wear to work? What are the expectations of your target audience in regards to how you look.

24. Find out what your customers read and place a strategically placed advertisement in the next issue

25. Develop a marketing plan and incorporate all the great ideas you have had over the last 12 months and haven’t gotten around to doing

26. Develop a marketing timeline so that you ACTUALLY implement your marketing strategy

27. Form alliances with businesses that sell into the same target market as you but are not conflicting

28. Write thank you notes to key customers for buying your goods or services. Chances are that they will then tell a number of their friends, family and associates what a nice thought it was for you to do this

29. Network your arse off! Networking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to market your business

30. Join a charity and show your customers you care. My charity of choice is - they help children who are less privileged in so many meaningful ways

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