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10 Easiest Ways To Live An Awesome Life

Like most people, I have had my good times and bad. There are experiences that I would rather not have had, and others I wish I could have over and over again.

2018 is the year of positivity for me. I have consistently looked at every situation in a 'glass half full' way, and am navigating my way through the year with the energy and respect that each year deserves.

If you are anything like me and you are destined to be a lifelong learner, you will find yourself in a situation at some stage, where everything seems to be a perspective, or experience. What I mean by perspective is that you look at things that happen from your own point of view, and that of others and it helps you process what is going on, and make manageable decisions.

I say 'manageable' because that is what it is. We manage the way we see things and how it makes us feel.

Since January I have had a number of incredible experiences:

  • Kicked a career milestone
  • Accepted where I am at in life with a firm, colorful tick
  • Put myself repeatedly out of my comfort zone, and owned the situation
  • Had a near death experience in my face, and realized the importance of everyone's life
  • Challenged myself to commit to something that is important to my ongoing narrative
  • Made hay while the sun shines...

Every day is better than the day before, because I am waking up in an enlightened state, ready for my day. People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime - each period is as important and essential as the other.

But this has not always been easy, and there are 10 Easiest Ways To Live An Awesome Life that I have found to work for me, that is worthy of sharing.

1.  Have goals and stick to them

When you have a goal, and you stick to it, it tend to achieve it. The sense of accomplishment no matter how small or big it is, gives you a feeling that money cannot buy.

2.  Love

Learn to love... and I mean truly love. There are many kinds of love and all of them are equally as powerful. Loving your family or friends, and appreciating them, being there for them and nurturing the relationship with warmth is a healthy place to start. Romantic love is a pinnacle for many, but it does require a willingness to open oneself up and to be vulnerable with another person, which is hard for most people, but rewarding if it is reciprocated. 

3.  Passion

Being a passionate human being is using a positive emotion to seek out different things in your life. I am passionate about work, sport, reading, poetry, art and people. Sometimes in life, we forget what we are passionate about, and get a little lost. Write what you are passionate about in your diary, and on the fridge. Be reminded of it often and seek out to continually experience the things that make you passionate.

4.  Have a keen interest in human emotions

If you understand yourself better and take time to understand the people around you, your life gets much, much easier. It helps you appreciate where someone is coming from whether it is a positive place or a negative one. Being able to process people around you better, will help you process your own feelings and emotions.

5.  Get the adrenelin pumping

Have you ever jumped off a cliff? I have and I was terrified until the moment I was in the air, and that emotion turned into one of the best rushes ever. I am not saying people should jump out of a plane or off a cliff, but there are many things we can get a rush out of and it might be as simple as going to the gym. Whatever it is... do it... often!

6.  Eat well... and drink water

If you cut all the food that reacts poorly to your body, you immediately have an energy boost and are able to be more active, with a clearer mind and spirit. Water is essential for our body functioning, so if you are anything like me and find water "boring" then suck it up and get use to it. 

7.  Put yourself out of your comfort zone

Every time I go anywhere, I am out of my comfort zone. I am naturally shy in life and I find it very hard to go anywhere. What I do often is give myself a pep talk. I know that once I am 'there' I am fine, and whatever it is that holds me back is something that I should definitely overcome. It is easy to be on the couch eating popcorn watching movies all day, every day... but that is not going to make us happy or our life more fulfilling. People and experiences make our life fulfilling. Get out there and do whatever it is that takes you personally out of your comfort zone.

8.  Live in the moment, and not in the past or future

I feel this is harder for the dreamers, but if you can live every in the moment and experience each day of your life, you will find that 'in that moment' you are having the best time of your life. It might be as simple as laying on the grass under a tree looking up at the sky, or reading a book. It could also be just communicating with people around you, and ensuring that you are giving them the best, most present version of yourself.

9.  Find your spiritual side

I won't go into this too much because each of us is vastly different, and some of us (me included) are a little muddled in our beliefs. Being spiritual may be as simple as looking up at a full moon. Whatever it means to you, try it.

10. Have purpose and be kind

Your purpose defines you. Kindness is the measure of whether your purpose allows you to live a full life. Never compromise on either.

We only live once - so this is our chance to make our mark. Keep being positive and growing. Never look back. Always choose the high road. Walk away from conflict. Define your purpose and live it. Challenge yourself often. Do random acts of kindness, because you can. Make a positive contribution to society. I know I will.

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  • Scott Kallish
    Scott Kallish
    13 Mar 2018

    ...and 11. Be true to yourself
    I love it! The quintessential recipe to live a most awesome life.
    Thank you Mellissah!
    - Scott