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How Are You Really Going To Make Money?

I absolutely love hanging around ATV listening to every single tech entrepreneurs story and dream. They all have "Big Dreams" and that is the mandate of being here at Atlanta Tech Village - but there is one problem. Can they make it commercial?

I've been here since the first few people moved in. I was here when they were knocking down walls and renovating. I have seen a lot. Many entrepreneurs come and go and there's a few that made it big like Yik Yak, Bitcoin and Chevy. They were the one's that raised a lot of capital and rolled out their businesses, taking them to the next level. From my knowledge, all with investor buy-in.

There are a few people that continue to survive as one man bands and as some service companies that have grown to a level that they should be very proud of - but when it comes to tech entrepreneurs, I think that sometimes while we all like to dream, if we really want it to be a reality - then we need to let go of a few things.

Namely, that we know it all. That we know exactly what it takes to make our pieces of technology successful.

That's a big call, I know. To be able to sit with a tech entrepreneur and say, "but how are you really going to make money?". What is it that makes your product different and more saleable than what else is on the market?

I too am a tech developer. It's my passion almost as much as I love marketing. I don't believe that I know it all and in fact I am about to do a big play and I am really scared that I will stuff something up, or that perhaps I don't know enough about the technical side of development that my product won't hit the mark. 

But, I put my hand up and am prepared to give away some of the pie to people that do know. I am smart enough to do that. I know that this is potentially a billion dollar company and I have never come up with a billion dollar idea before, so it's best I own less of it and have the right people in place than to keep it all - like I have with Marketing Eye. 

With Marketing Eye it's constantly a struggle and very lonely making all the decisions myself. Sure it works out at the end of the day, but it's hard work and it's emotionally draining and there is no-one who shares the pain and the successes. Not even I share the successes because I always feel like that's gloating.

If you are a tech entrepreneur, don't be afraid to give away a bit of the pie or change it up and work for someone else who is going to share theirs to get the result you are looking for. Think of Facebook. Think Twitter. Think Instagram. 

You may surprise yourself.

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