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You Must Take Risks If You Truly Want To Be An Entrepreneur

Not just your average day. I started mine at 5 a.m. eagerly awaiting my flight time of 9 a.m. to Sydney, with so much anticipation and excitement, I literally couldn't contain myself. This past few weeks has been very exciting, adventurous and rewarding in so many ways - I can't begin to explain.
Take flight, and risk it all - if you truly want to be an entrepreneur

Like many business people, you have to get up early to take flights or make it to the office to meet a deadline. That is part of the parcel of being an entrepreneur. Some people prefer late nights, but I personally prefer and always have, going to the office or taking off on the next business adventure early in the morning.

As an entrepreneur, you always need to be ready and able to make decisions from a drop of a hat. I have lived my life like that for 18 years I realized today, and at first it was hard to take and now it really is second nature.

18 years have gone

When I think of how fast the past 18 years have gone, I realize that I have learned so much and I wouldn't change a thing. Sure, I would have made a few better decisions, but basically, the learning curve has made me who I am today.

This morning, I proudly rung my mentor for a quick update. I was confident, assured and asked a couple of questions which he gave me some very quick answers to (his experience is clearly better than mine), and I was on my way.

I am blessed

In the office, I am blessed to have my niece working for me. To see her is pure bliss. I adore her and all of my relatives. They really are amazing in so many ways, I cannot describe. For me, Ashleigh is following me down my path of work, and is studying while working for Marketing Eye. She is by far our best social media expert and at almost 21 years of age, I couldn't be prouder.

She has the makings of an exceptional marketer and is a great listener. She also has a thirst for knowledge, just like Casey Lang in the Sydney office who is leading the ship and ensuring that the quality of work that comes out of this office is of a high standard.

Finance, Technology and Health

Her favorite clients are similar to mine; finance, technology and health. Somehow we both just get these industry sectors. One day, I know she will run a division of the company and it won't be too far away. She knows to put her hand up and has the confidence and almost 3 years in the business behind her to make decisions knowing that they are the right one's.

As I fly into cities like Sydney and Melbourne this week, I am reminded that our team excels in so many ways. What they look for from me is inspiration and reassurance that they are doing a good job. They each know their jobs and know who to go to within the collaborative nature of our organization to produce work of a very high standard. They share resources, knowledge and experiences to ensure that each client gets the outcomes they are looking for.

Taking flight, is what I do and when I see the sky as I look out of the plane window, I realize that this job is the most inspiring job of all. How lucky am I to have it!

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