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Am I an entrepreneur first, or am I a marketer?

I'm sitting at the Qantas Lounge at the Melbourne International Airport ready to board another flight to Los Angeles. I am a tad tired. 2.15am wakeup wasn't my best work, but sometimes excitement does get the best of me. Travelling for me, is exciting and part of the bigger adventure. I get to meet people that inspire me, shock me and sometimes join me on my journey as a friend, client or person "I just know".

Meeting people when you are an introvert is completely and utterly out of your comfort zone, and I know the value of being outside your comfort zone. It's one of the best things that can happen, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

As I fly away, I know my ship will keep sailing forward. The people who work for Marketing Eye are all engaged in helping clients reach their marketing goals, and at the same time, delivering on ours.

What this trip, like many others does for me, is it opens my mind to what else is out there. What is it that is possible in the future of Marketing Eye and how will we utilize a global talent pool to make it happen?

A fairly ambitious and new age way of looking at it, but that happens when you glass is brimming at the top and you are an entrepreneur.

Last night by accident, I came across Agilience Rankings and noted that I am personally in the Top 100 Influencers Globally in Entrepreneurship. It's not the first time I have received accolades like this however it did make me think - am I an entrepreneur first, or a marketer? The answer was easier than I thought. I am no longer just a marketer. I am absolutely an entrepreneur who not only is coming up with ideas for myself, I am coming up with ideas for others so that the not-for-profit The World Incubator can self-raise money to fund other entrepreneurs dreams.

Working on the business and not in the business is allowing me to set off on another trip and not be involved in the daily dealings of an international marketing company. I feel that my international offices need love and our products need marketing campaigns. We have a new magazine coming out and of course, there is the APP and the robots. Life is going in every which way - while of course, I am building a home. It seems that the busier I get the more I achieve. The sky is the limit and there is no such thing as having too much to do until of course, you blow out from exhaustion.

I don't mind this feeling I have in my stomach right now. It is pure adrenelin that fuels my desire to do it all, have it all and make a positive contribution to the world.

I tweeted a whole heap of things last night, mostly around a rant about doing more for the world and my bee in my bonnet with capitalists. I cannot understand how people can be so focused on making money, and yet walk past a homeless person on the street. I also definitely do not understand the "charitable" billionaires we have, that don't give away a billion dollars right now. Not when they die (as if they ever would), but now. Stop talking about how charitable you are and start making a difference to the world. $1 million if you are a billionaire is less than petty cash. $10 million is petty cash. $100 million says that you want to do something, but still want your ego to tell the world that you are rich. $1 billion says you put your money where your mouth is and stop pretending that your ego is not your prime motivator.

Harsh words I know. It's how I feel and I can't change that. I don't understand why people don't help others more. Why they care so much about money that they lack soul. 

To that end, I do whatever I can. I am not always able to do all the things I want to do but I certainly am the first to try to make a difference. I put my hand up before any of my richer friends to help people who need it, and to me I believe that is just basic decency. Not charitable. It is our responsibility as people who inhibit the world we live in.

Entrepreneurship has given me freedom to think, believe that anything and everything is possible, and challenge what is right and wrong. I don't always get it right, but I certainly try to do the best I can and I will always be the first to admit it if I stuff up.

This road is brilliant in every way. The exhaustion I feel that is from the happiness and excitement I get from existing in the shoes I was given, is my perfect world. Everything happens for a reason. I can do anything I set my mind to. Karma is a bitch, so I never deliberately hurt a fly. I don't eat red meat because I feel a cow is like my dog, but I also support cattle farmers and feed my dog beef, simply because they are entitled to their beliefs and my dog should not be disadvantaged due to my own thought process on eating meat. Besides that, she loves it.

Thank you world for bringing me to where I am. I am very appreciative. I believe the best is yet to come and I know for certain that there are more mountains that I want to climb, holding the hands of others.

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