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The Mind of An Entrepreneur

Marketing Eye speaks to hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses every year. Some entrepreneurs are able to achieve growth successfully, and this is because they have a business plan, goals, and a marketing strategy in place. Even though the people we speak with have good intentions, they seem to rely more on luck than a strategic approach. 

Then of course, there are the dreamers who do nothing more than talk about their aspirations and never act on their aspirations. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of fixed determination, bravery, and thick skin. There are a lot of people that want to see you fail and think that you can do it. Prove them wrong! For an entrepreneur, that's all part of the parcel, and what motivates us to actually deliver upon what may have first started out as just a good idea.

Below are a few things that motivate entrepreneurs to start their own business.

They Desire To Do Things Better

Entrepreneurs see an opportunity in the market to do something better than it has ever been done before, and therefore work out how they can deliver upon this notion. They may seek capital from outsiders, or take the risk and self fund their business idea, all because they believe that the market will be more reception to a better quality product or service.

They Hate Working For Others

Working for a boss is the worse thing in the world for most entrepreneurs. Not because there are bad bosses out there, but because they want the freedom to explore their full potential without someone holding them back or telling them what to do. In fact, they are looking for unlimited possibilities.

They Are Predominantly Introverts

As an introvert, I know first-hand how important it is to not be put in intimidating situations or be forced to do something that comes naturally for an extrovert. Most male entrepreneurs are introverts, yet a majority of female entrepreneurs are extroverts, who are slightly more ambitious than their male counterparts. While I don't have an affinity with the stereotype of a female entrepreneur, I can attest to this being the norm.

Light Bulb Moments Are Rare 

A buddying entrepreneur has a light bulb moment, and all of a sudden their future becomes clear. They decide that they want to be an entrepreneur and perhaps they have come up with a brilliant idea, disruptive by design or a way in which to make more money and with greater efficiencies than they have seen done before. That magical light bulb moment is something many entrepreneurs can attest to.

The Coolest Job On The Planet

Entrepreneurs have grown up in an era where Mark Zuckerberg, a self-confessed nerd, is one of the richest men in the world, without a university degree. They read the papers and see how 18-month-old companies like Instagram turn their founders into billionaires overnight, and Uber, AirBnB and a number of other companies don't even have a product, but easily disrupt age-old industries.

Being an entrepreneur is cool, but it's hard. It requires so much more than just a good idea and some money. Motivation is key, but so is an ability to execute a plan or at the very least employ people who can do it for you.

Entrepreneurs are different, and are usually proud to walk in the opposite direction to everyone else.

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